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Supporting Pittsburgh in Pregnancy & Motherhood 

About Resilient Motherhood

Before Dr. Kailee had her son, she noticed a huge gap in care for moms, but becoming a mom opened her eyes to how big that gap truly was.

Now, you don’t have to doubt what step to take or waste time talking to providers who don’t understand or go down the rabbit hole of Googling solutions to your problems. 

Resilient Motherhood has helped countless pregnant women ditch pain and leaking during pregnancy and confidently birth without perineal tearing. We’ve helped moms have confidence in their bodies and cores again. We’ve helped moms play with their kids without having to worry about wearing pads or popping ibuprofen.

Resilient Motherhood is proud to serve women across the Pittsburgh, PA region along with East Allegheny County and Greensburg, PA. Schedule a consultation now to learn more about how pregnancy physical therapy can help you